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Titan CMMS solution suitable for any industry.

Our CMMS software is highly flexible and works well across all industries. No matter your industry, our CMMS is ready for you. Below is a look at just some of the many inustries we serve.

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CMMS - Introduction

The TITAN CMMS is a software designed to optimize the management of deferred maintenance and capital improvement activities throughout the Service by using standardized procedures to document and prioritize field facility and equipment needs and to report accomplishments.

Candle Embroidery thread

Candle Embroidery Thread Industries, a leading manufacturer of high-quality embroidery thread products, faced challenges in maintaining the efficiency of it’s production equipment while ensuring timely delivery to customers, To address these challenges, Candle partnered with TITAN CMMS to streamline its maintenance operations and enhance overall productivity.

Elate cc

Elate CC successfully optimized its maintenance operations by partnering with TITAN CMMS, improved equipment reliability and enhanced efficiency in delivering Medical equipment, Surgical instruments and Hospital linen to healthcare facilities. TITAN CMMS enabled Elate CC to transition from reactive to proactive maintenance practices, resulting in reduced downtime and cost savings.


Since adopting Titan CMMS, Al Raziq Enterprises has significantly improved operations, we needed a robust system to manage our manufacturing and lab facilities to engage directly with users in Dye and Chemical Market.
Titan CMMS has streamlined our maintenance processes, enabling our technicians to efficiently address issues, improving maintenance operations, reduce costs, and increase profitability. Titan has also facilitated our R&D efforts, leading to production of high quality textile auxiliaries. Titan CMMS has also strengthened our competitiveness in market by operational efficiency. Titan CMMS has profound impact on our business.

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